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Centre for Integrative Wellness began as a collaboration and eventual partnership of medical specialists who were looking for a more effective way to care for patients beyond conventional processes.

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Philosophy and Mission

The mission of Centre for Integrative Wellness is to provide professional and personalized medical care to the community by delivering a combination of complementary and traditional modalities. Our unified goal is to rejuvenate every patient who seeks our care with a tailored, focused, and efficient solution. We endeavour to offer services that meet rigorous scientific and research-based standards for safety and effectiveness.


Ethics and Values

We believe:
~ In the respectful practice and benefits of collaborative care blending traditional modalities with the modern advantages of western medicine. This combination gives a patient the full spectrum of care and the expanded possibilities for healing.
~ In a respectful relationship between physicians and their patients. This means encouraging full disclosure and adhering to the autonomous wishes of each patient so that we can assist and healing and proactive health prevention.
~ In all our healthcare providers to be ethically obligated to act for the benefit of the patient providing no harm to the patient in any way, adhering to their obligations to their individual professional affiliations, oaths, and certifications.
~ In cooperating with the healing powers of nature, addressing the fundamental causes of disease, healing the whole person through individualized treatment, and teaching the principles of healthy living and preventive medicine.
~ The whole person is an integrated system that interacts with their environment (physical, chemical, and social.) The whole person is comprised of and affected by biological history, emotions, intellect, and spirit.
~ That the body is often taken out of balance as a result of life experiences. This is part of everyday life. Our priority is to regenerate energy and healing by offering modalities that restore the body’s balance, emotional peace and physical vitality.
~ In the power of self-healing, therefore we integrate self-awareness into every one of our services. This will empower the human spirit to seek out serenity and confidence in the process of improvement of the body, mind and spirit.
~ Our staff is obliged to use all available resources, information and authority to assist patients, ensuring that personal interests do not adversely influence the way we carry out our duties in compliance with Acts, Regulations, Guidelines and Policies relevant to our roles.


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