Caring for yourself begins with good habits.

Herbal PillsThis includes drinking lots of water, keeping active every day, choosing healthy foods and taking time to manage your activities and stress levels. You can also complement your energy and immunity by taking regular natural supplements.

Centre for Integrative Wellness conveniently offers natural, homeopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine supplements that are safe, certified, government approved and tested for quality and potency. We will ensure that you receive the right medicine for your particular health situation.


Below is a list of current supplements available at Centre for Integrative Wellness:

Douglas Laboratories

5-HTP Plus Formula 60 veg. capsules

Adrenplus-300 60 capsules

Alpha GPC 60 veg. capsules

Brain Mood 60 veg. capsules

Brain Energy 60 veg. capsules

DIM 60 veg. capsules

Ferro-C 60 tablets

Gaba 500mg 60 capsules

Mag 2:Cal 1 160 tablets

Melatonin Prolonged Release 3mg 60 tablets

Progesto-Mend 90 capsules

Relora-Plex 60 veg. capsules

Resveratrol Extra 60 capsules

Testo-Gain 90 capsules

Pure Encapsulations

B-Complex Plus 60 veg. capsules

DHA Liquid 30ml

Folate 60 veg. capsules

L-Glutamine Powder 227g

Ligament Restore 120 veg. capsules

Nutrient 950 without Iron 180 veg. capsules

Pure Lean Powder with Stevia 540g

SP Ultimate 90 veg. capsules

Strontium (citrate) 90 veg. capsules

Thyroid Support Complex 60 veg. capsules

Zing 15mg 180 veg. capsules

Vitamin D3 22.5ml

Physica Energetics

Hepata Gest Powder 450g

Adrenal Life Force 120 capsules

BioHealth Matrix 120 capsules

Bio-Omega 3 60 softgels

Flora Syntropy 180 capsules

Galt Fortifier 90 capsules

MetaChlor 100 veg. capsules

Phyto CalMag with Boron 120 veg. capsules

Aller-Tox I 60ml

Aller-Tox II 60ml

Amoeba Tox 60ml

Bacteria Tox 60ml

Berberine Intrinsic 60ml

Can-Tox 60ml

Cohosh Intrinsic 114 60ml

Colo-Tox 60ml

Dental-Tox 60ml

Dong Quai Intrinsic 1428 60ml

Flu Milieu 60ml

HZ-Tox 60ml

IBD-Tox 60ml

Licro Intrinsic 60ml

Lymph 1 Acute 60ml

Lymph 2 Matrix 60ml

Lymph 3 Chronic 60ml

Melatonin Spray 60ml

Metabolic Tox 60ml

Metal-Tox 60ml

Methyl-B12 Liposome Spray 60ml

Mono-Tox 60ml

Myco-Tox 60ml

Mycoplasma Tox 60ml

Pre & Post Milieu 60ml

ReHydrate 60ml

Spectralyte 120ml

Thyro-Tox 60ml

Ultimate Fields 60ml

Ultimate Phenolics 60ml

Ultimate Rescue 60ml


Multigenics Intensive care 180 tablets

Ultra Flora Plus DF 60 capsules

Somnolin 60 tablets

Lumina 60 softgels

Benesom 60 tablets

Ultra InflamX pineapple banana 728 g


M7+ 90 capsules

STRS 120 capsules

Genestra Brand

Biotone EFA 100 softgels

Children’s Chewable Vitamins 100 chewable tablets

Col-Sterol 60 softgels

Formula OSX 180 tablets

GLA 130 Primrose Oil 90 softgels

Liquid Iodine 30ml

Multi Glyco 60 tablets

Scorbatate Powder 170g

Super EFA Liquid 200ml

Super EFA Liquid Plus 225ml

Super DHA Liquid 150ml


Abies Pectinata 125ml

Crataegus Oxycantha 125ml

Rubus Idaeus 125ml

Sequoia Gigantea 125m

Ribes Nigrum 125ml

Dr. Lo Immune Tincture

If you wish to request a product not listed above, please contact our receptionist at (403) 247-8003. Thank you.


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