Fitness Professional, Energy Healer,  Founder

“Christina is your go-to expert when it comes to discovering what wellness means to you. Not only has she spent the past 10 years studying energy, biomechanics of human movement, and different aspects of the mind to help her clients reach optimal health of the body, mind, spirit and emotions. She has also been on her own healing journey of managing and recovering from Bipolar disorder. Through her personal, educational, and years of experience she has helped a multitude of people with a unique and integrative approach to healing. Christina has a gift to deeply connect with everyone she works with, leaving them more in an empowered state to be able to take their wellness into their own hands. Her hope is that this platform becomes a “hub” of wellness resources and tools to help you find YOUR sense of wellness.”


Find your wellness anywhere

Integrative Wellness is proud to announce that we have paired with MINDBODY™️ to make it easier than ever to try a one of our virtual live wellness classes.


Simply reserve your spot on our "BOOK"page, choose drop-in or unlimited membership and you're set! You'll receive a link via email or text 30 minutes before class to attend.

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