A Message From The Founder


Welcome to Integrative Wellness! We are so happy you are here. 



        Integrative Wellness is a virtual wellness community committed to educating and empowering you to take your health into your own hands. It is your one stop shop for everything wellness! We believe in order to achieve ultimate health and happiness we need to be balanced in our wellness practices. Our approach is different because we focus on all aspects of health by promoting a balance of working in and working out (yin and yang) to reach your goals. You will see a wide range of modalities used in our classes and programs ensuring you are establishing a sense of balance mind, body and spirit. It is effective, affordable and efficient. 



About our founder Christina:


Hi! I’m Christina, I’m your go to expert when it comes to discovering what wellness means to you. Not only have I spent the last 10 years studying energy, biomechanics of human movement and different aspects of the mind, I have also been on my own healing journey managing and recovering from Bipolar Disorder. Through my personal journey, education in various wellness modalities and years of experience I have not only helped myself enter “remission” but I have helped a multitude of people change their lives through this integrative approach. 


I created this platform in the hopes that every single person that needs it, would have affordable access to every aspect of wellness. I truly believe the missing link to health freedom is being consistent in a balance of wellness practices. For example, if you want to lose weight you must focus on diet and exercise, but you also must focus on mindset and emotional healing to truly achieve long term success and happiness. When we care for ourselves as a whole being (mind, body, spirit) imbalances and chronic issues tend to disappear. Chances are it hasn’t been you that’s been doing anything wrong… it's been you approach. 


An integrative approach saved my life and countless others and it is my dream to show others just how simple wellness can be. 


Lots of love,



If you have questions or are curious to learn how this approach can help you specifically, send us an email to book a free 15 minute call with Christina


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Integrative Wellness is proud to announce that we have paired with MINDBODY™️ to make it easier than ever to try a one of our virtual live wellness classes.


Simply reserve your spot on our "BOOK"page, choose drop-in or unlimited membership and you're set! You'll receive a link via email or text 30 minutes before class to attend.