Meet the Team



FOUNDER: Certified Personal Trainer, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Fascial Stretch Therapist and Theta Energy Healing Practitioner.

As a holistic life coach, Christina looks at the entire person leaving no area ignored or left out. She spent the past 10 years studying energy, biomechanics of human movement, and different aspects of the mind to help her clients reach optimal health of the body, mind and spirit. Christina specializes in mental health and helping people with mental health challenges. She helps them find their "happy" again.


Christina has a gift to deeply connect with everyone she works with, leaving them more in an empowered state to be able to take their wellness into their own hands. Her belief is that wellness should be simple…. we just need the right tools and consistency! 



Practitioner: Heart Centered Yoga Teacher.

Simmy is a heart centered Yoga teacher. She had the gifts of intuition and healing long before she realized them. Her journey with Yoga and healing started after she got an emergency cardiac pacemaker implant in November 2009. This traumatic experience affected her both physically and emotionally. Determined to get back on her feet, when she decided to start her healing journey, Yoga was the Path!

She first joined yoga classes to get her physical strength, not aware of the profound inner transformation it will bring. Without a doubt, yoga changed the course of her life. 


She has diverse backgrounds in both education and professions, from being an agriculture scientist to software designer and now a yoga therapist, energy healer, and Hatha & Kundalini yoga teacher. She has close to 8 years of experience in practice and teaching of various types of yoga. She believes that the life always presented her with different paths to walk on during different life stages. Her strengths lie in her exposure to various cultures across the world, which is an inclusive learning experience in itself.


Apart from her heart condition, Simmy also have an autoimmune condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis (an inflammatory disease that, over time, can cause some of the vertebrae in your spine to fuse and acute arthritis in the joints.) Due to her regular practices of meditation, yoga, Reiki healing and connecting with nature, she is able to live a healthy lifestyle with minimal symptoms. Her routine also helps her to stay calm, grounded, balanced and happy.


When teaching yoga, she aligns the flow of class with the energy of students and gently guides them through a balanced practice focusing on their body, breath and mind. As a yoga therapist and energy healer, she connects compassionately with her students to guide them in their holistic healing and spiritual journey. She has the experience of empowering hundreds of students to health, healing and happiness. 


She is always open to learning from other teachers, students, every person she meets and every situation she faces. She believes it’s her destiny to contribute towards the wellness and wellbeing of others.



Practitioner: Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Mediation Guide

As a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and anti-typecast spiritualist, Angela Tsounis has been teaching individuals how to help themselves through affinity of the body, mind, and spirit using holistic connectivity for years. 


Her passion lies in the field of mental health and how to connect people to the natural solutions for every day. A true advocate for mental health and practice, she is also the Podcast Host and Author of Different from the Other Kids, a grassroots effort aimed at educating and supporting the parents of kids that struggle. In between her Podcast interviews and happenings, she offers healing meditation, health and wellness services as a Canadian Team Leader for dōTERRA Essentials Oils  


Practitioner: Certified Medical Esthetician

I am a Certified medical Esthetician residing in Toronto, On. 

I am your go-to for everything skin care, facial lymphatic drainage, EFT and mediation! I love anything health and wellness and I believe the most radical thing you can do today’s world is to care for yourself as a whole. I started learning about the lymphatic system back in college and was fascinated learning about how our faces held a secret window into our health! It was around this time I also began learning about EFT tapping and it has drastically changed the way I view myself and the way I shed limiting beliefs. I am so excited to get to know you guys and I’d love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have!!